Odrive won't start on Windows 10

I’ve just installed Windows 10 on a new hard drive I’ve installed in my PC, about a week ago. Installed odrive and it seemed to be working. At some point I noticed that not everything that I wanted to sync had done so, but was busy installing other software, and didn’t think too much of it. Today, I tried to force some items to sync by double clicking on them with no luck. Right clicked, and noticed none of the odrive options, such as sync, appeared. Tried to start odrive from teh start menu, briefly get the odrvie app window to open, but it says not responding, and quickly flashes out of existence. I’ve tried some of the basic things, like disabling the fire wall, uninstalling and resinstalling. Any ideas?

Hi @jakeormond78,

  • The description of “not responding” definitely sounds unusual. Are you able to capture what you are seeing with a screenshot?

  • Do you have any anti-virus, endpoint protection, anti-malware software running aside from the built-in Windows defender?

  • Is the behavior exactly the same after doing a full uninstall and reinstall?

  • Can you grab the following items and send them to me?
    File: C:\Users\[your user name]\.odrive\odrive.log
    Folder (zip it up): C:\Users\[your user name\.odrive\log\

There is a period in front of ‘odrive’ in that path, so it is . odrive

that’s as far as odrive goes, hangs there for a couple seconds and then gone. I’ve uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled a couple times now, and I’m not getting the “not responding” message at the top of the odrive window any longer. Other than that, behaviour is identical, window appears for a couple seconds and then gone.

No anti-virus etc. beyond Windows Defender.

Sending the log file and folder now.

Thanks @jakeormond78,
It looks like there is an issue with one of the files that odrive is attempting to clean-up when doing its health checking/deploying.

Can you try renaming the C:\Users\Jake\.odrive folder and then starting odrive again?

Thanks Tony! That appears to be the fix.

Is there a way I can point odrive back to the old odrive folder which became an odrive_backup folder, or do I need to start over from scratch with syncing files to the new odrive folder? (sorry, not sure if I should post this as a new topic, let me know if so!)

Hi @jakeormond78,
If the new odrive folder is freshly initialized and all placeholders, you can move the contents of the backup folder into the new one, alongside the corresponding placeholders. odrive will see the new folder names match the placeholder files, remove the placeholder files, and start scanning to see what is already in sync.

The one caveat to this approach is if you are using odrive Encryptor. With Encryptor files, they will likely be re-uploaded using this method.

Ok, will give it a try. Thanks again!

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