Odrive won't fully open

any suggestions how to fix
08:42:54AM 123145557131264 123145618169856 RAISED apply_delete_tracking_values([u’trackingO2Path=/Volumes/Drobo Top/odrive/Google Drive/TV Back-up/Empire’]) --> CorruptError(CorruptError: database disk image is malformed)

Hi @wpcrumbley,
Unfortunately it looks like the local tracking database was damaged somehow. The best way to recover from this is to perform a reinstall.

Here are the instructions to do this:

  • Uninstall odrive using these instructions: How do I uninstall odrive?
  • Install odrive again and log in with the same account as before (very important)
  • Move the odrive folder, using the “move odrive folder” feature located in the odrive tray menu, and point it to your original odrive folder (/Volumes/Drobo Top/odrive).

odrive will need to scan through everything again to index it in the new local tracking database, so it may take a while, but it should get you back in business.