oDrive (Windows 10) - Constantly Crashing?!

oDrive seams to constantly crash form system tray. I leve it over night to upload and the in the morning when you right click on the icon nothing happens and you have to load it again by clicking on the icon in start menu. For a second two icons are in the tray, then the old one disappears… and I find out that only 1 or maybe 2 files synced and it has to start again. I have been trying to upload the one file for days now.

I have no directory structure… just files in the root… each 500-1.2 gig. (They can not be split)

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Hi @wastemalife,
Do you happen to be using bitdefender antivirus? If so, that is probably the reason. See this thread for more info:

If you are not using bitdefender, it could still be a lower-level filter driver (common with active anitvirus and antimalware sofware) that is causing some issues, so let me know if you are running anything like this on your system.