Odrive uploads and disk space

I’m a new user here, but I didn’t understand how the program works.

  1. I save a picture on my Odrive folder on Windows 10, then when its completely uploaded on the cloud on Google Drive for example. The space on the disk (Odrive) will be restored? Or it will be busy? Thanks!

Hi @definis.danilo,
By default odrive will start everything as “placeholders”, which do not take up any physical space on your computer. Take a look at our documentation for more information about placeholder files and folders

When you upload a new file, that file will remain available on your local system unless you “unsync” it. You can also configure “auto unsync” to automatically unsync your files after they haven’t been modified within a certain period of time.

The unsync feature is part of odrive Premium. This thread goes over the details between our free and Premium features: