Odrive Upload vs. Amazon Cloud App Upload -- Feature Request

Last weekend, I set out to upload a directory full of images to Amazon Cloud Drive. There were four total directories to move, but I started with only one (the largest of the group) which contained 447 files.

I started the upload before going to bed and when I woke up 7 hours later, oDrive had only successfully uploaded 90 of the 447 files in that folder (totaling 337mb of successful transfer). For a split second, when I looked at my folder structure, it flashed that a handful of the visible files were “syncing” but then it updated the display to show that they were not actively syncing or synced. I take this to mean that a some point in the night, odrive tried and failed to upload them.

I stopped odrive sync and switched to the latest Amazon Cloud App Uploader, and loaded up the smallest directory. It finished in a couple hours. I did the next smallest directory. It finished in 3 hours. I then queued up the second largest directory. It finished in around 6 hours. By then I was ready to go to bed, so I loaded up the largest folder – the one oDrive had failed me on – and when I woke up 7 hours later, I saw that it had successfully uploaded the last folder.

Here are the stats to compare:

Amazon Cloud Drive App Uploader:
3.71 GB in 22h – Average 168.7mb/h (including 3-4 total hours of gaps in uploading because I didn’t queue all 4 folders up at once and wasn’t sitting around watching/waiting for the folders to finish)

odrive Uploader
90 of 447 files in 7h (that was just that single folder)
337mb in 6-7h – Average 56.1mb/h

All the files in these directories ranged from 3mb - 6mb.

Amazon Cloud Drive = 3x faster. Amazon only does 2 uploads at a time / odrive would start with one or two files but then after one or two successful uploads, it loads up anywhere from 15-20 simultaneously and from the best I can tell, many of the uploads would stall, timeout, or otherwise fail.

Obviously, this doesn’t result in a high success rate. Perhaps odrive really doesn’t calculate my upload bandwidth correctly, or maybe my ISP sees all the simultaneous connections odrive is trying to cram through the pipe and it throttles my connection.

The feature request would be a way for me the user to limit the number of simultaneous uploads to a certain number of files (okay), or a certain number of mb that are actively uploading (preferred) – or both.

That way if I set 10 mb as my limit, then 3-4 uploads may happen at once in the above scenario – but if I update a small 100k file, it could also squeeze in as well. However, if I queue up a larger 50mb+ file for backup, then it won’t try to sync anything else until that large file is finished – and dedicate the upload resources to that specific file.

Thanks for considering this. I really like how odrive integrates with Amazon Cloud Drive and I would love to see it actually be comparable to Amazon’s App when I want to sync/upload a directory of moderately sized files.



Thanks for the detailed feedback @crazycoolcam.

Your results are interesting. Upload speeds, when compared, generally show us coming out on top by a large margin. It is difficult to say what could be causing interruptions/slowdowns. There could be multiple reasons, some of which you already stated.

Can you tell me what Operating System you are running?
Do you know what your general internet speeds are?
Are you still seeing this behavior?

We are looking at ways to further optimize bulk uploads, especially in circumstances where the connection may not be so fast/reliable.

Hi @Tony,

  • I am using Windows 7.
  • My SpeedTest.net bandwith test results are: DL: 7.49Mpbs // UL: 0.57Mbps.
  • While I haven’t tried to upload any folders like this since then, I have noticed this same behavior each of the about 3-5 times over the past 6 months.

Thanks for helping to optimize this for us on slower connections. :slightly_smiling: