Odrive to OneDive sync issue

This is error I recieve:

I have two one drive account.

  1. Maxim
  2. Nkap

Under account Maxim I create a folder -Indo and share it with Nkap.
Both computer (Maxim and Npak) are tun under Windows 10 Pro, with all latert patch.
Both before use microsoft One dirve to sync changes.
On both computer Onedrive are not started and autosync in desabled.

When at computer Npak i create file I recieve error : The file is locked on microsft one drive and no sync from Nkap is possible.
This happened with any new file or folder I create on Nkap hard drive at onedrive shared folder.
From Maxim all sync goes well.

Please advice what to dop?

Hi @maximts,
Unfortunately it is not possible, currently, to add/edit files inside a OneDrive shared folder, even if you have the proper perms. This is something we plan to improve in the future.

You can use odrive Spaces, instead, to accomplish the same thing. Have you tried Spaces yet? You can find out more about them here: https://www.odrive.com/features/spaces

Dear @Tony.

But is it true Spaces Sync future not available on free account?

Hi @maximts,
Space are available in the Free version. See this post for for information on what is in Free and Premium: What is free vs paid (premium)?