oDrive Thinks It's Synched, But It Isn't (Backblaze Caps)

so i set some daily upload caps on backblaze, and now duly regret it. !

anyway, i was trying to download my latest project files to another computer from odrive/backblaze, but the files stopped at April 14, when i had new saves from April 17. checking the web interface… it’s true, my files for that directory stop on april 14.

but odrive has been uploading files on the 15th and 17th… or thinks it has.

how do i tell odrive to re-do these files?

right clicking on them, the only odrive options i have are unsynch, share link, and copy shared link. um… doesn’t ‘unsynch’ mean ‘delete from my local drive and only keep the remote cloud storage’? since the file definitely is NOT on the cloud… that sounds bad.

is there any way for odrive to know when its uploads have been throttled/rejected? without bogging down the whole system with redundancy checks?

oh, i just got a pop-up telling me that my subdirectory ‘snake’ could not be synched at this time. not sure why on that one…

sorry about the mess :slight_smile:

okay, i just took a look at the log file.

april 15 and 17 seem to be normal – periodic scan and refresh mounts.

but for april 18 (today) i’m getting a lot of errors.

18 Apr 07:41:08AM ERROR Got exception while sending alert: NetworkException(NetworkException())

18 Apr 07:42:04AM ERROR Failed Download for … Error: code o_NETWORK_DOWN …Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 10013] An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions’,))…

i dunno, i see my web interface okay. but the app is having trouble.

Hi @BLR ,
This error indicates that odrive is attempting to open a port for downloading, but the attempt is being denied by the OS.

This could be caused by anti-virus or another form of active monitoring software that is blocking the request. Do you know if you are running anything like that on your machine or has anything changed with respect to that, recently?

Another thing you can try is an odrive restart, and a system restart after that, if the issue persists.

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

Re-reading this, it sounds like you have files that odrive thinks have been synced (uploaded), but they are not showing up on Backblaze, is that correct? Do you see those files as having been uploaded via the sync activity logs? That is something I will want to dig more into, since it sounds very strange.

i think i found it!

somehow, my firewall wasn’t letting oDrive through. i’ve scolded it thoroughly, and now oDrive is hard at work catching up.

yes, that was my fault, entirely. though oDrive could have popped up and said, ‘yo, i can’t connect!’ or something. then i would have known what was wrong right away. :slight_smile:

thanks, tony!

Great! Thanks for the update @BLR

Just to be doubly sure:
You are now seeing the expected results on both machines?

  • The items that had been locally updated between the 15th and 17th (and beyond) have uploaded or are in the process of uploading to B2
  • These updated items from the first system are correctly downloading to the second system