Odrive systray icon not responding after a while

Hi there,

I’m experiencing that after about 20-30 minutes of booting up Odrive, the UI becomes partly unresponsive. I think the app is still syncing, and when I use right-click on a local folder I can still choose to sync it and then get the dialog window with the big metallic sync icon, but the systray icon doesn’t respond any more, so I cannot access the main menu of odrive.

Perhaps this is due to the very large amount of files in the odrive trash that I tried to empty. I have a feeling the problem started occurring from the moment I tried to empty the trash.

Let me know what other info you want, or perhaps a diagnostic :slight_smile:

Hi @skander,
If you are able to send a diagnostic before the tray becomes unresponsive, I can take a look and see if I can identify a cause. It may be overloaded by something.

Hi @Tony . I just generated a diagnostic!

Hi @skander,
I took a look. There definitely seems to be a lot of activity going on in the client. Did you happen to perform a lot of reorganization recently?

There are lots of items in the trash, which is likely contributing to the menu rendering.

It may be best to use the CLI to see a full list of what is in the trash: Errors when trying to sync deletes

You can then use the CLI to empty the trash, if everything looks as expected in the list. At the bottom of the post linked above is a one-liner script that can be used to ensure that the trash gets emptied, even if it encounters a few errors along the way.

If we can get the trash cleared out we can then see if anything else needs to be looked-at.

Hi @Tony

Yeah, just as I expected… We had way over 10K files in the trash, and we’re constantly moving or reorganising folders with high amounts of files as well. I guess we’re pushing the app to its limits, but it’s holding up waaaay better than our original (google) sync apps, which failed to work with (to our opinion) even moderate loads.

I’m out of office for 2 weeks but I’ll try your solution using the CLI after that. Thank you!

Great! Thanks for the follow-up @skander.