ODrive syncing documents as .gsheetx instead of .gsheet


We have ODrive installed on our server. When documents such as a Google Sheet document is created within the Google Drive website, it saves and can be opened okay. When this document is synced onto the server through ODrive it saves it as a .gsheetx file (instead of .gsheet) and cannot be opened through file explorer on the client machines. There is no option to Open With > Google Chrome.

Has anyone experienced this or have any advise how this can be resolved?

It’s worth noting that we have started using a tool called AlwaysUp to ensure that ODrive is always running on the server as it did not appear to be running when the server was turned on but nobody was logged in, however I have turned this off to test creating a new document and the issue was still present, so i don’t think it’s related to AlwaysUp.


Hi @adam.wignall,
odrive is built with the idea that the user will be using it on their own system, with access to the odrive application. This is what make it possible to have placeholder files, for example. The “online only” types of files are used in the same way. The .gsheetx extension is registered to be opened with odrive, which then opens a browser to the corresponding URL for that file.

Can you answer a few questions, when you get a chance?

  • It sounds like you have odrive installed on a central system that is syncing with cloud storage and then sharing the synced local storage to users (via SMB/CIFS?). Is that correct?
  • Can you go through that setup and intent a bit for me? I am curious about the use case and how we can better address it.
  • Do you have any users that are using odrive, directly?

Hey @Tony, thanks for your response and the information you included.

We are a primary school. We have ODrive installed on the school server. Users at school access the school data by logging onto the computer and Group Policy maps the relevant drives they have access to. When the user is not at school they will access the data by logging into Google Drive. This issue has come about by a user creating a document at home in Google Sheets and then tried to open it at school.
None of the users use ODrive directly. It is only installed on the school server.

We have other schools that are setup with ODrive and Google Drive in the same way, but for those schools when they create a document directly in Google Drive the file that then syncs onto the server is a .gsheet file with no x on the end and therefore can be accessed through file explorer on a school computer as Google Chrome will open the document.

We also encourage our users to use Google Drive File Stream.

If you require anymore information, let me know.


Hi @adam.wignall,
Thanks for the additional information!

This is an odd one to me. Our app will recognize Google’s “online-only” document types and always use an .[extension]x extension for them, so I’m not sure how you are ending up with .gsheet files in odrive. Are you able to hop onto one of those servers and run through the steps you are taking to end up with a .gsheet/.gsheet.cloud file in odrive?

Is this for home use, or do you also have File Stream installed on the school computers?