Odrive Sync Speeds slow

I am running Odrive sync on a linux system to sync to amazon drive. The problem is that the speeds are very slow. I am just judging the speeds on a timed basis. Put 5gb file in then time how long it takes. Normally one would say that this is due to someones upload speed. I am on a 10GB/s Uplink so that is most definitely not the issue at all. The speeds I’m getting seem to be somewhere around the 1MB/s range. Is there a way to see more details what odrive is currently syncing and what the speeds are? The status command just says its syncing 1 item and thats it. Also, anyone have any ideas how to speed this up? I know that amazon will allow for around 10-25MB/s which I have confirmed by manually uploading things.

I am not looking for any miracles, I would just be happy to see a status in CMD of what its uploading with the speeds as well as get around 8-10MB/s.

Hi @justin_meek,
Amazon Drive’s single file upload speed, at least over their API, is pretty slow from my own testing. Even on a extremely fast connection I only get about 1MB/s; same as you. For comparison, on the same connection I get about 10-15MB/s on Google Drive for a single file upload.

Concurrent connections is where Amazon Drive starts to pick up speed. Right now odrive will try to limit file uploads to a single file if the file size is greater than 100MB. We are working on adding some functionality in this area to allow for more concurrency of large file uploads, if the user’s connection can handle it.

For status, you can get a bit more info on uploads by issuing a “status --uploads” command. Use “status --help” for other commands you can use to provide more details on specific status types.