Odrive sync existing cloud with existing local files

I have an existing Google drive with 400GB in the cloud. I have the same 400GB in the local google drive folder. Will odrive re-upload everything or will it realize that all files are the same and do nothing? Also, if I delete a file in the cloud will it delete it locally?

Does anybody even use this software?? This forum is obviously dead. This has been posted for 8 hours and odrive has no one to call with this question.

Hi @jebrown1,
Are you planning to move the Google Drive desktop client local files into the odrive folder? If so, take a look at this post for information on doing that:

As for deletes, odrive is a bi-direction sync engine, so changes you make in the cloud, including deletes, will be reflected locally. Local changes you make will be held in the “odrive trash” and not committed to the cloud unless the user empties it.

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