Odrive sync doesn't sync anymore


I’m using Amazon cloud for storage for my surveillance camera recordings. When there’s a new recording, it gets saved into my laptop - then odrive syncs it to Amazon Cloud. But all of sudden, Amazon cloud isn’t getting any of the new recordings. When I right-click the file and hit “sync to odrive”, it says I must upgrade to premium but isn’t it supposed to be free? I hope this makes sense. I’m willing to provide more info if you’ll tell me what you need. Thanks


Hi @jameshtx,
It sounds like you may be using the “sync to odrive” feature, which is a premium feature. “Sync to odrive” allows you to sync arbitrary folders that exists outside of the default odrive folder. Take a look at this post for more information on what is included in Premium and Free:

If you want to sync your videos, they would need to be created/copied inside the default odrive folder (in odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/ for example).