Odrive sync doesn't start

I dlded several times and from several sources odrivesync.
But double clicking on the .exe file just did nothing.
I use Win 7

Hi @amedeo.scotti,
This is when trying to install the software (odrivesync.6608.exe)?

Do you have any antivirus running that could be blocking the install?

I use Avast, which I disabled before launching the .exe file

Hi @amedeo.scotti,
I have been doing some testing, but i don’t see any issues with the install. You are downloading from the links here? https://docs.odrive.com/docs#download-and-run-installer

Let’s try running the installer from a command prompt and specify a logfile to see if it will show anything.

  1. Open a command prompt (cmd)
  2. cd to the folder you downloaded the installer to (probably Downloads, so cd Downloads)
  3. run: odrivesync.6608.exe -l "installerlog.txt"

If a logfile is created, can you attach it here?

Hi @amedeo.scotti,
Are you still seeing this issue, or were you able to get odrive installed?