Odrive sync client not initiating on Windows 10


I am trying to sync some folders that are currently unsync but the Odrive client is not initiating on my machine. I have a premium account. Any suggestions?


Hi @digiform,
What kind of error or feedback are you seeing?
Are you trying to double-click the folders, or right-click->sync?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after you encounter the issue again?

There is no error or feedback. I found that odrive is not running in my start menu tray and my attempt to open odrive sync client is not working. Yes, I am trying to double-click the folders.

Hi @digiform,
A reinstall might be the quickest way to move forward.

Can you try uninstalling, then installing odrive again?

  • Once odrive is back up and running, make sure it is working properly.
  • When you uninstall odrive it will rename the current default odrive folder to a backup name.
  • Exit odrive after you verify it is now working
  • Rename the current odrive folder to odrive-bak
  • Rename the backup folder that the uninstall created back to ‘odrive’
  • Start odrive again

odrive will see the folder and process the content in it. You should then be able to proceed as normal.