Odrive switches to other Google Account

I’m rewriting this for clarity, just sticking with what I’ve observed.

About a month ago, on my windows machine, I removed the sync to my main Google account and added a different account. A few days later, odrive had reverted to the old account. I repeated the process. Same thing a couple days later. I was using chrome as my default browser and odrive authenticated through chrome.

I removed chrome and installed firefox thinking maybe it was a chrome issues: two google accounts, some bullshit with chrome sync, who knows.

Same issue with firefox. I did a basic uninstall/reinstall, no luck.

NOW this is the messed up part. Tonight I found that on my Apple computer, odrive had synced with this other account. All my local google drive files from my main account were gone, replaced with the folders from this second account. I don’t believe this mac machine has ever even “seen” that other google account (which I created for the sole purpose of backing up surveilance camera files on that windows machine. How could something like this happen.

Perplexing, I’m curios. Only partly annoying that I have to download 12 gigs of files that disappeared locally from my mac.

I’m using chrome on all my machines, I believe as the default browser. I use odrive on my work mac, my work laptop, my home mac, and that windows machine. So far, I’ve only seen this behavior on the two machines I mentioned.


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Hmmm. After reading a bit in the forum, I see that I should really be able to have multiple google accounts working in tandem. I’m wondering if the issue is somehow related to removing one account and replacing it with another account, the root folder “Google Drive” stays the sam, maybe that’s causing some odd behavior. I don’t know. I wonder if I just sync both accounts and change the root folder names. Regardless, this thing isn’t the expected behavior, I’d imaging.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Hi @matthew.nickerson,
I think your conclusion in the second post is on the right track, although it still doesn’t quite add up.

odrive can definitely have multiple Google Drive accounts linked at the same time; as many as you want.

If you unlinked an account and then added another account with the same link name, that could cause some confusion with odrive’s syncing, initially, although it shouldn’t cause things to be reverted after that. The only thing I can think of is that odrive wanted to replace the local content with the new link and wasn’t able to.

What does your account look like now when you login to the odrive web client? Do you only have one Google Drive account linked? Is it possible you also have multiple odrive accounts, using the different Google accounts to login?


Thanks for the quick response. So, on this mac, after I wrote that message, I switched the account back to my main google account, and then I changed the root folder name like I had seen in another post where the user had multiple google accounts so, I called it Google Drive (MAIN). Anyway, I just noticed that the entire contents of this same account are in the trash can right now. I should have checked that before I did anything, because I think that’s the expected behavior when you unlink an account all the files go to the trash bin. Anyway, the catch is I didn’t manually unlink the account.

Hmm, so to answer your question, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that when I unlinked an account, I added the other in the same window / instance immediately after. And Also I can say that at one point I had them both linked at the same time for a second to see what would happen, and at that time the second root folder was created as Google Drive(2) or something close to that.

I think I’m going to go ahead and link that second account on my mac, and give the root folder for that account a unique name as well and see what happens.

Looking at the web client, I see that the custom root folder name matches the change I made in the “Finder” in OSX, so that’s cool.

I should say I’ve never had an issue with odrive in the five + years I’ve used it. So…

Let’s see how this works out and I’l post back if things are working…and if not. lol

Hey one more thing. I should stress that indeed, this Mac machine has no knowledge of that other account. I just went to link this account as a second account and there’s no history of me ever having logged into it on chrome. So that’s really odd…

…wait…oh man…problem solved. I just realized that when I link an account to odrive on a machine, that’s a global setting, that is, all the machines that I’m using odrive on (at least that account) will all get changed. Is that right?
christ. That’s kind of obvious, I guess, but for some reason I was expecting the account I linked on a given machine to stay specific to that device.

So, if I get this right…I should have signed out of the odrive web client after I unlinked my main google account and then synced that secondary account. but now they are associated to a single odrive account. And that second account was created to upload files on a machine that other users have access to. Is there a way to disassociate that second account from my odrive account?

Anyway, this issue is resolved…it’s a network problem. JK. user error.

This is what I should have done in the first place. Tony thanks for talking through that with me. It was helpful

Hi @matthew.nickerson,
It sounds like you’ve got things sorted out :slight_smile:

Just to restate what you already discovered:
You are correct that when you link a storage account from the odrive web client, that link is accessible to all systems that are signed in with that same odrive account. This way you can sync the same content on multiple machines.

In your case, having two different odrive accounts, with different storage links sounds like what you wanted, to keep the systems completely separate.

Just let me know if you have any other questions.

Tony thanks again for your help

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