Odrive stops syncing and needs restart

I did some work on my labtop this morning and then switched to my desktop. I didn’t realize it but it never fully synced. I did some work on my desktop and towards the end relized I was missing changes from the morning. I returned to my labtop, made backups of my files from the morning and right-clicked to force the sync. the icon flashed pink as if it were checking but then didn’t do anything. New files from my desktop did not appear. I restarted odrive on my labtop and everything synced. So it appears that odrive may have crashed or stalled in some way… it would be great if there were some fail safe built in to notify a user of failed sync because I now have a mess in my dropbox :frowning:

I guess you can consider this both a feature request and a bug report :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report. Our primary goal is to make sure that sync never stops, so this is definitely something we do not want happening. It is possible it entered some faulty state. Can you tell me a little bit about what you have setup (links, size of structure, any premium features?


Hi Tony,
I have 2 google drives (1 is a university account), 1 dropbox and 1 ssh to a NAS box. No premium addons although I was grandfathered for unsyncing. Dropbox has 3.5 GB, GoogleDrive 20GB and 80GB. The ssh account is 244GB.
Also, I vaguely remember this happening once before several weeks ago - at that time I thought it was because i closed my labtop while it was syncing but that shouldn’t have been the case yesterday.

If you happen to see it again can you send a diagnostic before restarting and ping this thread?

Ok, will do. I almost did but waited to see your response.

This just happened again. I submitted the diagnostics report.

Hi dschneiderch. I got the diagnostic you sent to odrive and am looking at it. Can you tell me the names or paths of some of the files or folders didn’t get synced and what type of link they were in - dropbox, google drive, …? Also did you try restarting odrive, and did they finally sync?

The files that didn’t are all in ssDominik/sd-sca_project/src/ and start
with tuo_byaspect. There are various html files and folders of supporting
data. ssDominik is an ssh share. It synced after I restarted, but then
froze again after some more work ( I sent a second diagnostic). I quit,
installed the latest version and restarted.

I noticed on my labtop that when I was trying to manually sync some of
these files I was getting a “too many connections” error - so I waited
until other files were synced before double clicking again.
Maybe I was creating too many files on the desktop that I reached the ssh
connection limit and then odrive balked?

Thanks for the info. The diagnostics do show some files that start with the name “tuo_byaspect” being uploaded. There were some that failed, but the ones I looked at eventually upload successfully. The diagnostics also do show “too many simultaneous connections” errors to your SSH connection. That should be okay - the files that hit the errors should retry and eventually upload.

By “froze again”, do you mean nothing was syncing, or files in that folder were not syncing? I didn’t see a second diagnostic from you though.

The first diagnostic wasn’t able to tell me enough about which files weren’t eventually able to be uploaded. If you’re still seeing this problem, can you hit “Send diagnostics” again and post the names and paths of the files that didn’t make it up?

Hi dschneiderch, the diagnostics did end up pointing out that your ssDominik/sd-sca_project/src/tuo_byaspect_cache/html folder wasn’t syncing properly. We found a potential issue in the SFTP integration that may be causing it to get hung up if you’ve got too many connections open. We should be able to roll out a fix in the next release. Hopefully that would resolve it for you.

Thanks for your patience and working with us on this.

Great, looking forward to the next release. I’m not sure if anything else other than the sftp folder synced since I didn’t do anything in other folders.