Odrive stops synchornizing as error occurs

Hi, I connected my webDav archives to Odrive but there is a problem in synchronising it to my computer which I can not solve. Synchronisation stops each time error ‘invalid file name’ occurs. One thing is that I do not see any pattern in file names which cause those errors and the secon one is that sync just stops. The odrive icon turns from pink to grey eventhough there is still a huge number of folders and files to be synchronised. To start sync proccess again I need to click “start sync” again eventhough sync should be automatic.

I use win 10.

Has anyone dealt with simillar issues before? What am I doing wrong?

Hi @jakub.bartoszewicz,
If there are enough errors encountered when trying to perform a bulk download, the bulk download action can stop. It sounds like there are several files that cannot be added to the local filesystem, and that is stopping the operation.

Can you trigger this error again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

How much data are you trying to download?

Thanks for the answer. Right now there were 9 files marked as ‘not allowed’. I try to download about 30gb of data, mostly pdf and word format.

Hi @jakub.bartoszewicz,
The items in that list contains characters or patterns that are not allowed by Windows, so you will want to adjust those names to make sure you can sync them down.

  • It looks like you have a couple of items with a space at the beginning of the name (98ea and ec74).
  • Some files have slashes in the name or colons ( /, : )
  • Some folders end with a period

Can you try changing those items and then attempt the sync again?