oDrive stop syncing randomly when not complete

I have connected oDrive to Amazon Drive and I have 58,717 files to sync which is a total of 147GB, however when I let it sync it has stopped so far at:


I am telling the sync to sync everything but it stops when all files have no been synced is this normal, if I start the sync again it does another “chunk”

Is this a limit of the free version, as it says I have a 7 day trial of premium - if I buy this I need it to work without multiple syncs.

Hi @lee2,
Premium will not change the behavior for this. odrive will try to execute the bulk operation, but that operation can abort if enough exceptions, or certain types of exceptions are hit. Unfortunately Amazon Drive tends to hit a higher than average number of exceptions.

We are working on ways to better account for these exceptions in bulk operations, for future revisions. For now you can use the CLI to kind of brute-force the download. Take a look at this post for more details: