Odrive Shared Links being blocked

We really love the ‘Share link’ option to share a single file in oDrive to anyone. However, we find that some of our clients are unable to open the ‘share link’ to the file due to their organization’s network blocking oDrive since it is registered? as a third party storage service. Is there any way around this?

I understand organizations would do this to protect THEIR data from being uploaded, but they should still be able to download from OUR server via the share link…

Hi @wh33ln,
Unfortunately there probably isn’t a way around this (aside from them whitelisting us), since they are most likely blacklisting the entire odrive.com domain.

Do you have any idea which service they are using that is implementing the block?
Do you know if they are receiving the blocked message as soon as they click on the shared link?

They get the blocked message as soon as they try to access the link. I dont know what service they are using that restricts it. I can try and find out.

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