Odrive seems to duplicate Encryptor files locally

I recently setup odrive on my Windows 10 pc to sync files to Amazon Cloud Drive. After getting everything setup, I set up an encrypted folder and started to move my documents to a folder within the Encrpytor folder.

Since we can’t sync a local folder to an encrypted folder, yet? I dragged and dropped them. Then I noticed odrive was duplicating those documents to the local odrive folder.

How do I stop the duplication?

I noticed folders that aren’t encrypted only show a placeholder in the odrive folder.

Hi @mobious25,
The Encryptor folder is just a “virtual view” for encrypted data on your remote storage ( odrive\Encryptor\ ). Those files actually exist as you are seeing them in the “standard” view ( odrive\[link name here]\ ) and the Encryptor view decrypts them, transparently. Because of this, it is possible to actually see the data in both views, simultaneously.

I generally recommend unsyncing the encrypted folders in the “standard” view (right-click->unsync), since viewing them in that state isn’t very useful, other than confirming that they are actually encrypted.

Ok so if I understood you correctly… The files aren’t actually duplicated on my hard drive that is just a list from my cloud drive… Right?

Hi @mobious25,
That is correct. If you unsync the folders in the “standard” view that are showing these encrypted file placeholders you can remove them from the view. This will prevent any further confusion and will also reduce the amount of data odrive has to track.