oDrive quits itself randomly (Mac)

Hi guys, my odrive app syncs great however it quits randomly every 30-60minutes… No error no warning just icon vanishes. if i reopen the app its back to normal again until its next episode. Any ideas of fixes or workarounds? Running OSX 10.7.5 Thanks.

Hi @fatsubsonic,

First of all, unfortunately, we officially don’t support mac version below Mavericks (10.9.x). Is there any particular reason to run this old MAC version in your machine?

Secondly, odrive app only quit / re-launch automatically when there is a new update available, would you like to install the latest version (if not already running) from https://www.odrive.com/downloaddesktop?platform=mac and let me know if problem still persists.

Find more information here (support versions):

I have an old MAC OS X Lion 10.7 machine and latest odrive app version seems to be working fine during my test.


As @AsifNisarr stated above, 10.7.5 is fairly old. It is possible that the issues you are seeing relate to the Finder extension that is a big of black magic on older version of OS X because Apple didn’t provide a way to add icon overlays and context menus until recent versions.

Can you try installing this 10.7.5 combo update: https://support.apple.com/kb/dl1582
It will just make sure everything is as it should be on OS X. It is uncommon, but we have historically seen that installing the combo update can fix elusive crash issues.