Odrive preferences menubar

Hi, I can see via the OSX task manager that Odrive is running but I do not see it in the menu bar on top of my screen as it was, which is where I would typically access the menu options for odrive. How and where is this configured so I can bring this back? Thanks

Hi @shaiguitar,
It should be there if odrive is running. There aren’t any configuration options that will hide it.

Do you know what version you are running? Our newer versions tweaked the icon to be more visible against certain combinations of MacOS color schemes/backgrounds. In some cases it was hard to see because it would blend in when idle. Maybe it is there, but hard to see?

It is not there, I am certain and just double checked. And I am also certain odrive is running. Anyway I went ahead and uninstalled and re-installed and lo and behold it is back in the menu bar. My guess is that it hasn’t been working and uploading for a long time.

Now my question is, how do I re-instantiate the odrive folder without having to re-download everything and make sure it will sync to cloud whatever I had but it didn’t correctly upload for however long it was broken? It moved all the data to odrivebackup-2022-10-.... In this case I have a huge folder that I would like to ensure is synced, and also some folders that are hidden/cloudf etc.

What’s the correct process to get this right w/out having a large bulk of data not synced, make sure my local backup copy will upload whatever missing delta occurred whilst not having to re-download “everything” and diff the two dirs.

Hi @shaiguitar,
Definitely strange.

To utilize the existing data you can do the following:

  1. Make sure that you are using the same odrive user as before with this fresh install (likely the case)
  2. The placeholder folders you see in your new odrive folder should exactly match what you see in the odrivebackup folder (names and number of links should be exactly the same). If that is not the case then stop here.
  3. Make sure everything is still placeholders only in the new folder. So each linked storage folder should be a .cloudf file. This will make things easier for step 4.
  4. If you move the folders from the backup into the new odrive folder, alongside the placeholder link folders, odrive will treat this as a “merge”. The placeholders will be removed, since the “real” folders are now sitting alongside them. odrive will then go through the heirarchy and determine what is already synced and what needs to be uploaded. You can monitor the progress in the sync activity log as it does this.

Can you confirm that if I do a merge with a subfolder that has real bulk data in there but also cloudf files will still work correctly? ie, a partially downloaded directory, example:

dir1.cloudf # new odrive empty

dir1 # odrivebackup
  dir2 # no changes
  dir3.cloudf # will not be expanded or sync'ing the placeholder etc
  dir4 # new changes, will be uploaded properly

Hi @shaiguitar,
Yes, that is correct. It you like, you can test it out with a subset of the data, to see how it behaves.

Got it. Merging, thanks!