Odrive OSX Client keeps crashing and doesn't continue syncing after restart

Hello, This client keeps crashing on two different OSX Catalina machines. I have to right click and click Sync to get it to continue syncing. I have enough disk space.

I don’t know why it’s behaving that way. Also why do I have to remind it to sync again rather than it continuing when it is started up again? I don’t want a bunch of .cloud and .cloudf files on my computer.

Hi @mitchel,
Can you try this build for the crashes? It hasn’t been officially released yet, but it should be soon: https://www.odrive.com/s/a50e4b69-8f0c-420b-9a62-14a29e8d7f8e-5e611340

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I forgot to mention, but we released a new version to prevent this issue and pushed it out to our autoupdater: