Odrive opening Google and OneDrive files in web browser instead of locally

I too am having the same problem with OneDrive and with Google Drive.

It indicates Zero bytes after a sync and when I attempt to open the files on my computer, nothing occurs as there is no file. I can double click the file and it will launch the webpage for me then to log in and then access – but its not what I wanted to occur.

Hi @jacbickel,
The behavior you are describing sounds like you are opening “web-only” documents. What I mean by this are documents that cannot be downloaded as normal files. This apples to Google Doc type of files and some Microsoft files, like OneNote.

Since these files only exist in the cloud in a special (online-only) format, odrive cannot download and open them locally, so it will open the web browser to them in the appropriate service.

I moved this to a new thread to track it properly.