Odrive only auto downloads from S3 when I open the folder

I have odrive set to auto download folders and any changes in the folder… And it does, but only when I open the folder. This is happening on 4 different computers

Hi @derekrb25017,
Just to be clear, you have right-clicked on a folder, selected “sync” and then checked the “Save and apply to new files and folders”, and “Include subfolders” and slid the slider to a sufficient size to download the new files you may be adding?

If so, this should open any new folders that appear in S3 (once odrive detects them) and download the files inside. Keep in mind that this will not open and download folders that already exist. It only applies to newly detected folders.

Can you describe the flow on the remote and local side, the behavior you expect, and the behavior you observe so I can make sure I am on the same page?

Well. I have a folder with images in it. I right click on that folder and tell it to sync new changes with the slider all the way up and to apply to new files and subfolders.

I have another piece of software that needs to use those images. So I run the software and it doesn’t see the new images I added, I figure it’s just taking a while to sync. So after 10 minutes I open the folder to see if it’s even syncing and the act of me opening the folder triggers it to download the new images. It looks like if I leave the folder window open in explorer it syncs new changes as well.

I just need it to download new updates automatically without any human interaction because it’s supposed to be an automated system on multiple machines. I’m using simple / delimited btw not enhanced odrivefs if that has anything to do with it

Hi @derekrb25017,
Thanks for the additional details. I understand now.

What you are seeing is an expected delay in the remote detection of changes on S3. We don’t have a way to query Amazon S3 for changes, like we do for some some of the consumer storage offerings. This means we will periodically scan for changes (approximately 1-1.5 hours). We will also request a listing of the remote folder when you browse into on your local system. This is why, when you open the folder, the files will suddenly appear.

Do you need these files to appear immediately, or will a delay be okay?

5 minute delay or so is usually expected when waiting on stuff to sync to the new machines. Immediately isnt completely necessary

Hi @derekrb25017,
Since it requires a remote scan against S3 to detect remote changes, automatic sync of remote changes within 5 minutes won’t be possible. It would be possible to use the CLI to target refreshes at regular intervals. This would be a more advanced option, but could work by issuing a recursive refresh against an Amazon Drive folder structure.