Odrive online "This Folder is Empty"

We have just synced files to Onedrive for Business and i want to share the folder via Odrive but when i navigate to the folder on Odrive (online, using the browser), the folder says “This Folder is Empty”, but there are files in the folder if i navigate to the same Onedrive for business folder.

Can you please confirm if the OneDrive for Business account you have linked with odrive is same as you are login with OneDrive for Business web interface?

Here are the steps to make sure accounts are same:

  1. First login into “OneDrive for Business” web interface in browser
  2. Login into “odrive” web interface in same browser #1 tab and navigate to https://www.odrive.com/account/myodrive"
  3. Unlink existing “OneDrive for Business” link
  4. Re-link “OneDrive for Business” again using “Link Storage” button.
  5. Browse into link folder https://www.odrive.com/browse/OneDrive%20For%20Business and confirm if you see your files/folders now?

If above doesn’t work, try by adding a test file using odrive interface and check if it appears in OneDrive for Business web interface?