Odrive/Onedrive creating multiple conflict files- Fix?

For the last two weeks odrive has been creating multiple conflict copies of files I am working on. This is only happening with files in my onedrive for business account. This is making a mess of my files and would like to know how to fix it. Thanks!

Can you provide a screenshot of the duplication you are seeing and send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

I just sent a diagnostic and here is an image showing the issue.

Appreciate the info.

I took a look, but the diagnostics did not capture an actual instance of this happening, unfortunately.
Have you found that there is a particular sequence of actions that will result in a conflict file being created?
Is it possible to reproduce the conflict and then send another diagnostic immediately after?

Additionally, I see that there are many files in not allowed. I believe it may be because the paths are too long. OD4B is probably the most restrictive service we integrate with in terms of character and path length rules. Just wanted to give you a head up on that.