Odrive on new computer - Encryted Directory Won't Sync

Hello - when moving to a new machine, the encrypted share won’t sync across:

‘Unable to sync xxxx.cloudf’ Amazon Cloud drive could not find a folder/file that odrive was looking for.

how do I resolve this?

Hi @ryanhoium,
You are accessing this through the “Encryptor” folder and have already been asked for the encryption passphrase?

Are you still able to access the items from your other computer?

This sounds like an Amazon error, but it is unclear why it would be triggered. Can you reproduce the error and then send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu, so that we can take a closer look?

Was never asked for the passphrase… and yes, i can access the items on my other computer.

I just repro’d it and sent the logs from the tray as requested. thanks for the help!

Thanks @ryanhoium!
I took a look at the diagnostic. The error is definitely strange. Amazon is saying the folder we are looking for doesn’t exist. Since you still have access to it on your other system, this must be some sort of configuration error.

Can you go through the following steps?

1 - Confirm the configuration of the Encryptor folders in https://www.odrive.com/account/myodrive?catid=encryption

2 - For each folder listed in step 1, does the target folder exist and is accessible on the remote storage? (you can use the storage’s web client to check, or the odrive web client)

3 - Right-click->unsync the odrive/Encryptor folder on the new computer to turn it back into a placeholder (Encryptor.cloudf)

4 - Go to your Mac keychain and see if there are any Encryptor entries there (Under odrive-encryption-[unique uuid]). There may not be any, but I wanted to double-check this.

5 - Restart odrive and expand the Encryptor folder again and make sure the entries listed match the ones you saw in step 1.

6 - Try to access your Encryptor folders again and see if the same error is presented. If you have multiple folders, try each one.

7 - If the error is still presented, try creating a new Encryptor folder to the same location on Amazon (name it something different) from https://www.odrive.com/account/myodrive?catid=encryption. Once created, see if you are able to access it from the Encryptor folder on the new computer.

8 - Please send another diagnostic if you are still seeing the same error.