Odrive not syncing when MacBook Pro goes to sleep

I think odrive is not syncing when my MacBook Pro goes to sleep even with the power adapter plugged in.
My iOS is Ventura 13.3.1 and I checked every setting I could think of but it appears the sync stops when the laptop goes to sleep.

Is there a particular setting I should check on?

Thank you,

Hey @mac25!
For clarity, are you wanting odrive to continue syncing while the Mac is asleep, or is it not resuming sync once it wakes-up?

odrive ceasing sync activity when the Mac goes to sleep is expected behavior, but it should resume once the Mac wakes-up.

I’d like for odrive to continue syncing while the Mac is asleep.
Sometimes I have to sync a lot of data so I’d prefer to leave it syncing overnight.

Is there a workaround to it?


Hi @mac25,
You should be able to adjust the Mac’s power settings so that it will not go to sleep, even when the display is off

I believe you will need to keep the lid open/up, as well.

Thank you Tony.
I had that setting wrong so I’ll give this a try.

Thanks for your quick response.

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