Odrive not syncing everything

I keep noticing this same issue, I have a folder that contains, let’s say, 10 folders. I checked, they are all safely in Amazon Cloud Drive. But when I sync this folder to my local HDD, odrive only downloaded like 4 folders, and the rest folders don’t exist locally, not even their corresponding *.cloudf files. But when you look at the the odrive trash, you can see all the missing folders there, asking you whether you want to sync the deletion to the cloud.

Is odrive really this unreliable? Does it automatically sync the deletion and cause my data loss after a certain time?

Please help!

Hi @onyxlee,
Nothing will be deleted in the cloud unless you explicitly say so by emptying the trash or setting up auto-trash rules.

The scenario does sound strange. If you recover those 6 folders from the odrive trash, do they end up in the trash again? If you are able to reproduce this, can you do so and then immediately send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Thank you for your quick response, tony. what bothers me the most is, those folders are indeed on the cloud, but odrive fails to generate *.cloud(f) files locally and then sync those folders. As if these folders don’t exist at all, or have some marks to ask odrive not to sync at all.

If you want, I can allow you to remote in to my computer for you to troubleshoot.

Hi @onyxlee,
Are you able to reproduce this and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? I may be able to discover something that way.