Odrive not synchronizing after re-purchasing subscription

At first, I noticed that a number of folders were not sync-ing, and I’m now realizing it was due to my account not having premium status. No problem.

Boom, I purchase it, then I press some option (I think I did) to refresh the account (from the menu), and reboot the PC for good measure, and I’m still not getting any folders attempting to sync.

This is what I see so far, when I open the odrive menu.

It shows, “Premium account” listed. Perhaps there is something else I need to do?

Thank you!

Hi @christianorpinell,
Are these “sync to odrive” folders? When you go to the “sync to odrive” section in the menu, are your folders listed there and not showing any errors?

Can you send diagnostics and then message me the “current_odrive_status.txt” file that is created in the root of the odrive folder, so I can take a closer look?

Hi Tony,

From my understanding, I think these should be “sync to odrive” folders.

Here is a screenshot. It currently shows, “No sync folders registered”.


I sent a diagnostic, and I’m going to PM you that text file.

Hi @christianorpinell,
Okay this make sense. When the subscription lapses, the “sync to odrive” folders are “forgotten”. The folders stay as they are, but odrive doesn’t remember the relationship.

To restore sync on these folders you can create the relationship again by setting up those “sync to odrive” folders again . To do this, right-click on the local folder and select “sync to odrive”, then point it at the appropriate remote folder. odrive will scan through the folder and determine what is synced and what isn’t, uploading what needs to be uploaded. Depending on the size of the folder, this process could take a while.

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Hm, I guess that is what it was.

Is there a way to enable auto-pay for subscriptions, to help prevent the sync relationship breaking?

I’m re-connecting and I should report back if everything is a success. So far, odrive is working hard syncing right now.

Hi @christianorpinell,
odrive subscriptions are set to auto-renew unless that is manually cancelled. You can also run into an issue if the credit card expires or has some other issue, but you should receive an e-mail about it.