Odrive 'no options available' in external folder

external folder syncing. other external folders don’t seem to have the same issue. Every folder/file two folders down from the top level folder won’t give any odrive options.

I’ve stoped the sync and started it over. that didn’t change anything.

the folder I’m syncing is pretty massive and we are actively using files that have been previously sunk, so I’d rather not trash everything to start all the way over.

Mac mini Late 2014, Intel Core i7, 3 GHz, 16 GB RAM

here are screenshots of what I’m seeing

Hi @brenton,
Usually this will happen is odrive is scanning through a structure and hasn’t finished yet. Has anything changed recently for that folder or was it re-setup recently?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Hi Tony, thanks for getting back to me. If it is scanning that would be great, but it seems to be taking much longer than normal and only one folder is effected. Is there any way to tell the status of a scan like that? I sent the diagnostic report.

Hi @brenton,
Looking at the diagnostic, odrive seems to be very busy scanning and syncing files. There isn’t really a way to determine how long a scan or bulk sync operation will take, but given the amount of data you look to have, it could take quite a while.

Try just letting it run overnight and seeing where it is in the morning. You can take a look at the odrive menu under “syncing changes” and “waiting” to see if odrive is actively syncing content at the moment. The menu icon at the top will also be animating if odrive is busy.

You can increase odrive’s general responsiveness and reduce overhead by unsyncing areas that you do not need immediate local access to, as well.