ODrive Messing up Last Modified Date on Dropbox

I’m using the ODrive Windows client to move my files from Amazon CloudDrive to Dropbox.
After downloading/syncing all files from Amazon CloudDrive - I moved those files to Dropbox.
On the local computer (explorer) → the files’ “Date modified” looks OK (from a few years ago).
However, on Dropbox web client, “Modified” column shows upload date :confused:

Hey @budowski,
Sorry for the trouble and confusion here. This is actually expected. If you link using the “Dropbox Business” integration, it will preserve the timestamps.

If you are interested, this has kind of a complicated history:

  • Originally Dropbox didn’t support modifying the timestamps of files
  • Eventually they added this capability, but we couldn’t implement it in our Dropbox integration due to complications surrounding the tens of thousands of existing odrive Dropbox users.
  • When Dropbox introduced their Business product, we added that as a different integration and included the timestamp retention.
  • As things have progressed, the Dropbox Business integration has ended-up being fully compatible with Dropbox Personal accounts. Our intent was to eventually phase out the original Dropbox integration, but it never rose to the top of the list (I think because there really haven’t been any users that brought it up as an issue).

Thanks for the detailed answer - so what does that mean? I have Dropbox Teams Advance plan - so If I want to retain my last-modified date of the files, I should use the Dropbox official client?
I originally linked it via Dropbox personal account (this was before I purchased the Teams Advanced plan) - so how do I do this? Link Dropbox Business and then resync all my 5TB of data? (re-uploading it)

Hey @budowski,
Yes, in order to retain the original timestamps you would want to link with our “Dropbox Business” integration: Link Dropbox Business | Access all your files in one place

I didn’t realize you had already uploaded all 5TB. I’m sorry, I know it sucks, but yes, you would need to re-upload.

Before you do that, though, wait until I can give you a new build. I was just testing this to make sure it was all working the way I expected and found a bug with smaller files.

Damn… :frowning:
I’ll be paying hundreds of dollars extra because of this issue - I’m paying AWS for data transfer and now I’ve wasted 5TB of data transfer for nothing.
More than that - I’ll have to delete everything from Dropbox first, no?
Also, when is the new build expected? Because I’m also paying a lot just for having the storage (even if not used). Is this bug related to smaller files - in relation to Amazon CloudDrive or Dropbox?

Hi @budowski,

It is for smaller files in Dropbox. The timestamps are not being persisted, currently.

Likely tonight

Yes. I just tested this and Dropbox doesn’t use the modified date we give them on a file update, which is what it will end up being if the files already exists in Dropbox.

Thanks - please let me know when the new build is ready.

But to be honest, after this very very costly bug - as a paying ODrive for the last several years, unless you’re going to credit me with several years worth of ODrive subscription, I’m probably going to move to the Dropbox client.

Hi @budowski,
I will ping you when I have something.

I also sent you a PM.

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Hi @budowski,
Here is the new version


  1. Exit odrive
  2. Download
  3. Install

Remember to link your Dropbox account using the “Dropbox Business” integration.

Thanks - I’ve installed it and started syncing again via the Dropbox Business link

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Great! Are the timestamps showing up on Dropbox the way you expect now?

Yes, it seems so, thanks so much!

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