oDrive MacOs Sierra

With all of the issues I have been having with installing oDrive, I thought I would stop by for some help. Researching the forum was not any help.

I am running Sierra - which I understand was having issues. Surely they are fixed by now.

After installing what I believe is version 5759, my oDrive icon is grey. Selecting it bring up an option - “Set up oDrive”, but clicking it does nothing. There is no “oDrive” in my Finder sidebar (Extensions/Finder is checked).

I was able to establish an online account, so I believe that - at least online - oDrive is functioning via the internet.

Right click on any item in finder does bring up several options i.e, Open, Trash, Move to Dropbox. However, oDrive says “No Options Available”.

Any thoughts?

Please see this thread: