Odrive MacOs Finder "recent places"

Hi there! I’m having some issues using odrive with MacOs.
When I want to save a file, “recent places” doesn’t work within odrive folder. I have to follow the path from the main folder every time. I think it started a couple of months ago.
Is there anyone else suffering the same thing?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @clarisaravasotti,
I haven’t seen this reported before and I am not able to reproduce it on my own system, yet.

Do you see the odrive locations listed, or are they not being listed at all?
If they are listed, what happens when you try to select it?

Hi Tony!
It always goes back to a folder, but while I was recording my screen I realized that somehow is related to the color tags from Finder.
It only worked with a file located in a folder with no tags.

For now, I will remove the tags but I would like to know how to fix it.


I think this problem is not with odrive.
But I thought it was because I was checking out of odrive and it didn’t happen but I think it was related to the tags.

I’m sorry for my mistake!

Hi @clarisaravasotti,
No problem! Thanks for following-up on this issue. It is definitely one I hadn’t seen before.