Odrive lists large number of "not allowed" files on ftp Sync

odrive lists a large number of files as “not allowed” when synching ftp files.
The message for the files is always “Unable to download. The remote file is older than the local file”

My understanding would be, if this is the case it should perform an upload.

Could you please take a look.

Hi @black.christopher198,
This message indicates that the file you have locally was previously uploaded/synced and now odrive has detected a new version of the file remotely, but that version has an older date than the version you have locally, for some reason (an older file was copied over on the server, for example). odrive does this check as a precaution because it is rare that someone wants to revert a file to an older version, but it can sometimes happen accidentally.

Can you take a look at a few of these cases and see what the differences are with those files?

This check can be disabled via an advanced setting: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/advanced-client-options#allowolddownload

Tony @black.christopher198

I’m having the same issue for some time now.
I had hoped it would clear itself up by this point but it has not.
My issue here is that the remote file IS older than the local and I would expect the software to see that and sync the two folders, tossing out the old and uploading the new. Isn’t that the whole point of syncing and backing up? That the remote backup folders and files are replaced by the new ones when changes are made?
How can I get the software to replace the remote folder with the local one?

Hi @r_speth,
The error you are seeing is generally when everything is synced and then the remote file is changed with a file that is older than the local file. odrive will want to download that file and replace the one locally, but there is a check to make sure the file is actually newer.

Without this check the older file would be downloaded over the file you have locally. This also means that the file you have locally was already uploaded to the server in the past and then it was changed on the server, somehow.

We can take a look at the sync activity log and diagnostics to get some additional information on what may be happening:

To send a diagnostic:



To access the sync activity log:


sync activity log



Once open (as main.log), please save it to your Desktop and then you can send that to me directly by clicking on my name and selecting “Message”.