Odrive linked to procore instance, then name changed and documents not synced

A couple of months ago I linked my o Drive account to my procore instance and I’ve been working on that for the last couple of months.

however last month my company changed the name of the Instance and I I was not aware of this.

I continued using the original instance and saving my data here.

Today noticing I had two instances I deleted the first instance. however the data I had been working on for the last month had not syncd to the new instance.
I fully delete the odrive file from my pc and I’m wondering is it possible to retrieve this at all

Hi @peter.daynes,
If the data was deleted from your PC, including also emptying the Windows Recycle Bin, then there may be only couple of options:

  1. Restore from backup. If you our your company runs any sort of backup processes for your computer, you would likely have a backup of your data
  2. Using a tool like Recuva . This tool will scan the drive for deleted items and try to recover any files that have not been overwritten yet.
    It is important, in this case, to try to limit adding or modifying of data on the drive to prevent something from overwriting the deleted data. Close down all other applications (including odrive) and run a tool like Recuva as soon as possible.

For reference, the odrive folder is located in C:\Users\[your user name here\odrive