Odrive "just stop" rather than unsync

Forgive me because it seems that there are soem similar questions posted but I just can’t find the exact answer.

My goal is to have my content REMAIN on my local computer AND be synced with Amazon Drive.

I have tryied the unsyc feature and found that it DELETES from my ORIGIANL location on my local computer, the VERY content that I intended to sync/upload. I realzie it still resides on Amazon Drive, but I would like for it to remain on both locations, but NOT SYNCE any longer unless I telll it to. Is this functiorn somewhere and I am just missing it?

THank you VERY much in advance

Hi @jim.peterson.2,

Sync is intended to be bi-directional and “always on”, since the goal is to keep the remote and local sides the same. If you turn this off then things are, by definition, out of sync.

It sounds like what you want is periodic backup instead of sync, is that correct?
Are you only making changes to this data on the local machine?
Can you provide some details on your use case, and how you want to use cloud storage?

Thank you. Well… really what happened is that I wanted to test what happened if I use the premium function of “unsync”. I tested it out and was a bit shocked to find out that my ORIGINAL data on my local drive was deleted. Then i read where Amdacon drive is not good at downloading large files. And, i have LARGE files. I was imagining that my local data is GONE nad the ONLY copy resides on Amazon Drive and I can’t sucesffully download it. So I owuld just like to “STOP”.

So, what came to mind is what if I dont’ want to use Odrive any longer. And, I unsync or stop using Odrive? Will all my local data disappear?

Hi @jim.peterson.2,
“Unsync”, as you’ve seen, will remove the local copies of your files, but only if they have been safely uploaded to your cloud storage. This is a way to manage disk space and give you the ability to access “unlimited” storage on a finite disk, like the one on your local computer. You can read more about unsync here:

We also have an informative blog post on our sync engine, including unsync, here:

odrive will only unsync your files (remove the local copies) if you choose “unsync” or you have set auto unsync rules. Uninstalling odrive will not unsync your files.

In terms of stopping odrive, you can stop any background syncing, at a global level, from the odrive tray menu at the top under “Ready to sync new changes”. This will prevent automatic/background syncing until started again. This will not stop manual downloads or expands of placeholder files, however, so you can still pull data down, if you like, while this is set.

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