Odrive issues @Johnry

I didn’t see a word doc posted previously, but maybe we can start from where you are right now and go from there?

For Mega, we have a thread for it here, so you can add your voice to the mix: Please add MEGA as an integration

You are the first request for Elephant Drive, so please feel free to add a thread for it in Feature Requests.

Okay, back to the problem at hand. If you are still experiencing issues with uploads and already tried to deactivate, let’s just wipe things out and start from scratch:

To do this you would do the following:

  • Rename your existing odrive folder which should reside inside your user home directory (C:\Users[Your User Name Here]\
  • Remove the hidden .odrive folder in your user home directory
  • Uninstall odrive
  • Re-install odrive

This should get things back to square one on that system.


I removed oDrive and reinstalled. My pre-established Google Drive folder synced immediately with placeholders. I setup an additional cloud provider and it synced as well.

Two questions:

  1. Using a free account, can i turn off progressive sync? I would like all subscribed folders to sync all the time.

  2. Roop-Rahal, in a post from Feb 8th, suggested that “also make sure you are running odrive app with the same user as the logged on user.” What exactly does this mean? I am registered with oDrive with a Google mail account, but I don’t login to my computer with those credentials. However, I used those credentials to authenticate to oDrive.

Hi @johnry,

  1. You can recursively sync at any time with free. This will download new files in expanded folders according to your global download limit (set in the odrive tray menu), but new folders that are added remotely will stay as placeholders. Applying rules a folder, so that they any new folders expand and sync the files inside according to your settings, is an advanced feature that is only in Premium.

  2. I don’t think you have to worry about this if things are working well for you now. This was part of the troubleshooting process and it was in reference to making sure that the odrive process was running under your logged in Windows user rather than another user (like Administrator, or some other machine user).