ODrive is sending data but Amazon not receiving it

I’ve been uploading a large number of photos to Amazon cloud and the first 60% uploaded fine. I can verify on both my ODrive and Amazon accounts that the files are in the cloud. However, as of Sep 2nd, no further files have successfully uploaded to Amazon.

The ODrive icon continues to be the pink circulating infinity sign, and based on windows activity monitor, ODrive is continuing to upload files at 80mbps, maxing out my up bandwidth. However somehow these files are not being received on the amazon end, and despite ODrive uploading continuously for the last 48 hours at 80mbps, no new files have shown up on in my Amazon account.

I’m mystified as to what if anything is actually being uploaded, but the bandwidth is definitely getting used. All of the files I’m uploading are .DNG, .JPG, .NEF, or .ARW, which amazon considers free and unlimited.

I’m running windows 10, and Odrive version 5689. I also just sent in my diagnostics just in case.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.


Hi @ericsl,

Sorry to hear of the trouble, I looked at the diagnostic reports and it seems like Amazon is rejecting files with an error “File size exceeds account allowance, NO_ACTIVE_SUBSCRIPTION_FOUND”. There are almost 38 files in Not-allowed list.

Would you like to tell us the size of your image(s) files:

  1. File size successfully uploaded to ACD?
  2. File size failing to upload into ACD?


Thanks Asif. Actually I was wrong about all my files being images. There were several miscellaneous Lightroom files (.lrcat), photoshop files (.psd), and movie files (.mov, mp4, avi) that amazon doesn’t consider free tier. Looks like Odrive was uploading each file fully before Amazon recognized I didn’t have enough space to upload it. Also there was one large .lrcat file which Odrive was trying to upload repeatedly (it was called lightroom catalog 3). Rather than adding this file to the could not sync list and moving on, odrive was stuck in a loop reuploading that one file over and over.

I’m working on removing all of those files from the sync folder and hopefully this resolves the issue.

I can confirm that the issue was with that one large lightroom file which is not considered an image by Amazon and therefore doesn’t qualify for unlimited image uploads. That one file was stuck in an upload loop, being reuploaded and then rejected by amazon repeatedly. Once I cleared out that file, ODrive properly went through the remaining non-image files (all were rejected by Amazon) and recognized the sync was complete.

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Glad to know everything is in good state now.