Odrive is renaming and Deleting Folders and files that start with a Period

I am using the original ODrive client on Windows 10 64 bit.
I have a folder with lots of files, such as .gitignore, .env, .editorconfig… and in the last month or so, Odrive has been renaming these files to be without the ., uploading the files without the ., deleting the files on my computer, and sinking the files to be .cloud.
This has really hampered my usage with Odrive, as it used to be that I would only stop Odrive while I was developing, now I stop it while I’m developing and before I have pushed new changes to my remote repository, then I run Odrive, wait for it to update the remote repository, I delete the trash, then turn off Odrive, and reset all changes in my repositories back to what they were before Odrive went in and removed the files. These are just the repositories I’m frequently working in, I have hundreds of other repositories I have sinked, and I’m extremely worried they have also had their files renamed.
How do I stop this renaming? I have looked on my repositories on Dropbox, Google Drive, and my personal FTP server, and they have all been renamed, including the .git folder. This is truely a nightmare, and I’m extremely worried about the other repositories I don’t have sinked to my computer.
What do I do?

NVM, I see there are other topics like this:

and a solution is at:

I will download this solution. Those were 14 days ago, and I have not seen any change, my folders were deleted and renamed today.

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
Sorry about this. The period substitution was fixed in this release, but we haven’t been able to push it out to the autoupdater yet:

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
This was pushed to the autoupdater, as well.