Filenames starting with . are changed when synced to OneDrive

Recently I started to run into trouble with files whose names are starting with a period. Such files suddenly became renamed - the space was added between the dot and the rest of the filename. This broke all my Bitwig projects, since Bitwig uses .bitwig-project file to denote that a folder contains its project files.

I’m using OneDrive and odrive’s version is prod6709. I’ve been syncing my files to OneDrive without any problem for several years, so the cause for this issue is probably a recent update to Odrive.

When I manually add the correct .bitwig-project file to an existing folder it gets synced to OneDrive and the name is retained. But all the previously existing files have the space added to the filename. The file creation dates are not changed. The files in the cloud seem to have correct names without the space. So only local files are renamed.


Hi @postlogist,
Sorry for the trouble on this. This is a result of a bug in the recent illegal character handling we added. We mistakenly replace leading periods. There is a build that fixes this here:

We’ll get this out officially ASAP.