"odrive is not activated"


I am having sync problems. When I right click on odrive in the System Tray, I get this message. I am only syncing with OneDrive for Biz

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Hi @photography1,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Are you seeing that the files are syncing?

What happens if you restart the app?

Diagnostic sent

I attempted restarting and re-installing a few times. Even after a fresh install, with the default sync location it has the not activated message.

There are two folders it will not sync. It says “The file/folder could not be modified.”:

Hi @photography1,
I took a look at the diagnostic. Everything looks okay, aside from the 2 folders that are not syncing.

The reason they aren’t syncing is because those two folders are not inside a linked folder. The root of the odrive folder can only contain storage links (like OneDrive for Business, or Dropbox, or Google Drive). In order to sync those folder you need to move them into the linked storage. In your case it looks like you’ve named your OneDrive for Business link “Pictures”, so it would need to go in there.

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That makes perfect sense Tony. Thanks for figuring it out so quickly.

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Sure thing @photography1! Thanks for the follow-up.