ODrive is going crazy after folder rename (Dropbox Business)

I have a folder with many many files. Most of the folder contents are unsynced (meaning, already uploaded, but locally on the computer they’re with “.cloud” shortcuts).
I moved some small files there and also renamed that folder.
This seems to make ODrive go crazy - it downloaded all of the folder contents! And it gets contineusly stuck (icon is unresponsive). When I force close it and re-open, it gets stuck again after a short while, while showing error messages like “Invalid placeholder found - file X.cloudf. Placeholder files may have been moved/copied and cannot be uploaded” - and the x.cloudf file it’s referring to is an old file that’s been uploaded a while ago!
MacOS v7324.
I’ve sent diagnostics via the app.

Notice that I cannot unsync the now massive folder that is being downloaded, since ODrive says the folder is still being synced :frowning:

Update: When I go directly to the Dropbox web viewer - it seems that ODrive created a new folder with the renamed folder name, instead of actually updating the old folder

Hey @budowski,
Sorry for the trouble!

Renames/moves can be a tricky. odrive will try its best to determine if a rename has been made and there are some cues it can get from filesystem events. However, it may need to resort to “interpretation” of what it sees on the filesystem. So it will look at what is “missing” and what has been “added” and then try to correlate that. Depending on what current activity is happening and the scale of the data it can have some trouble figuring out that a rename/move was done instead of an add and delete.

This a bit tougher with Dropbox because it uses a hybrid path and id based system, so the object changes are not always as definitive as a pure id-based system.

I took a look at the diagnostic and I can see that this happened with your Norway and Germany folders.

In the Norway case, it looks like it picked-up the “new folder” (new name) first, before the “old folder” (old name) was processed as being gone. There may be an area for improvement here, so we’ll take a look at that.

In the Germany case, its a little bit weird. odrive picked-up the rename correctly, but when it tried to rename the folder from the old path to the new, it got an error from Dropbox that the old path no longer existed (see sync log at 27 Jan 11:06:21AM).

It may be that you had renamed it on your local system and on Dropbox, directly?

In that case the path would be the new path on Dropbox so the error odrive saw would be correct, since the old path no longer exists on Dropbox. When this happened odrive then processed that as a remote delete and an add. However, there were un-uploaded items in the “old folder”, so it ignored the delete and re-added the folder with its files inside (see sync log at 27 Jan 11:07:18AM).

We’ll continue looking for area to improve here. Thanks for the report and let me know if you need any help sorting out any corrective action for these two folders.

Thanks for the detailed answer!
I didn’t do any remote renaming - all was done 100% locally.
Now it seems to be done - meaning, syncing is finished.
However, current state is a bit of a mess - so I have both old and new Norway folders - I’ve moved everything from the new folder to the old folder. However, ODrive is only detecting the files being moved out of the new Norway folder (i.e. deleted), but not moved into the old folder (which is still under dropbox).
I’ve sent diagnostics again

Hi @budowski,

Interesting. There was some throttling happening on the Dropbox side during that time. I wonder if a move attempt was tried before, it received a failure response, but actually succeeded. Then when odrive automatically retried it, it hit the “path not found” error.

It may be that odrive is still processing the new folder and hasn’t gotten to the old folder yet.

What may help is doing the following:

  1. Move the new folder out of odrive, to another location. odrive will see it as deleted, put it into the “odrive trash”, and not worry about processing anything for that path any further.
  2. Then make sure all of the items in the new folder are moved over to the old folder. odrive will reconcile the differences and upload anything that wasn’t already uploaded in that folder. That should bring the folder back into a consistent state.
  3. Once processing has stopped on the old folder, unsync it to turn it back into a placeholder file.
  4. You can now try renaming the folder placeholder, if you wish

I’ve been looking at this a little bit this morning and I think that the new files in the folder and the rename of the folder happening at the same time along with this being Dropbox made it difficult for odrive to figure out the proper sequencing of actions.

Thanks, that worked! So weirdly enough, if I move over from one Dropbox folder to another, it doesn’t detect the move to the new folder.

Hi @budowski,
Is this just moving a file out of one folder to another in the same Dropbox account?
Can you give a quick example, just so I can make sure I’m testing the right thing?

Yeah, that’s what I originally did - moved files from one folder to another (same account), and ODrive didn’t detect the new files’ location (just them being moved out - i.e. deleted)