I’m so glad I’m able to synchronize both my google drives into desktop, it makes everything so simple now! Thank you so much for making this wonderful, wholesome file synchronizing software - I truly wish you developers a very good day :heart:


Thanks for the very kind words @nicoryanvillar!

We love hearing how odrive is helping users. We wish you a very good day, too :smile:

I saw Odrive ads and started to use it on Windows. Works well. I love the simplicity of explorer integration, drag, and drop files.
I like that it shows a .cloud or .cloudf to represent the file as a placeholder so I can still see what files I have in the cloud and not in the cloud. Absolutely love it!


I’ve been using odrive for a couple of years now. Absolutely got used to the sync/unsync feature, due to my large Amazon cloud drive size which doesn’t typically fit in any of my computers in its entirety. Right now Amazon cloud’s native client finally started supporting sync, but still this sync/unsync feature of odrive is killing it!

The free version absolutely fits my needs and I love it. But I want odrive to live longer, so I’m upgrading to premium anyway (whether I would use any of the premium features or not is yet to be seen).

Thank you, odrive dev team!


Thanks for the kind words and support @aciddreams1998 and @jinfeng77. Our team loves to hear from happy odrivers!

Just wanted to chime in here on a positive note -
In my experience since 2016, oDrive is really rock-solid and I never had any issues with the paid version, also features I felt missing have all been added. I set up a free version for a friend many years ago and he has never complained (using for Dropbox) - which sets the bar high and is a kind of a measure of quality, when the non-technical people can use your product without help.