Odrive integration external web application

Are there apis or widgets to integrate Odrive into partner web applications (partner companies)?

Hi @eduardoclark,
We don’t currently have something like this, but can you provide some details on the use case?
How would you like to use this?
What functionality would you like to offer your users/clients?

My company is developing an agile project management application and we want to offer file storage, however, we do not want to develop all of this and we also do not want to have any need to keep customer files. We want to have a partner who specializes in storing files. Thus, we would charge a fee for our services and the service of our partner, in this case Odrive.
What we need is apis to have access to Odrive, where we would inform our customer’s access data and he could access Odrive through an iframe or Vue’s embed component on our platform, it would be like an Odrive whitelabel for our platform .


We are exploring many options including offering an odrive API. Can you clarify a few questions:

For your use case, why not integrate with Amazon S3?
Do you want your users to only go through your application’s interface for files?

We don’t want to be stuck with S3, the storage is up to the client, we just want to provide the interface within our platform for him to send the files of the company’s projects.

As I answered earlier. What we want is for the user to enter an area of ​​our application, inform which cloud they want to access. The platform simply displays to the user the folders, files, etc., that he has in the cloud of his or her company’s preference.

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Thanks for the clarification.

Is uploading files to user storage the primary use case? Can users also download, update, rename or delete?

Also, do users login to storage every time, or is the authorization persistent? If it is persistent, does each user login to their storage, or is access shared with other project users?

We are planning to offer a REST API for applications to access odrive. The API will allow applications to authorize access using OAUTH, and access any user storage connected to odrive through a single API.

Is this what you need?

We can also provide a javascript component you can embed into your web application for odrive access.

  • Users must have full control over their file repositories and also over the company’s repository, when it is registered on our platform.

  • Our main idea is that the company has a central repository for all users, but if this is not registered, each user will have their login in the repository itself. Ideally, access data is securely saved on our platform or that login is persistent and controlled by the cloud owner of the file service. The user’s control over his repository must be complete, he must have the option to share folders and files with other users.

Yes, the idea is this, to have access to Odrive through APIS. However, the component already configured is much easier to integrate.
Another thing that needs to be clear is that the user of our platform hires our service and the registration of the user or company on Odrive will be done directly on our platform, we will create our own form and integrate this form with Odrive apis for this registration.
The charge for Odrive services can be made directly to our company, we will charge the value of our customers, including the fee for our services. In this case, it would be good if the account was for companies (teams) and their users.

Thanks for the feedback @eduardoclark!

We will be sure to let you know when we have an API available in the future.