Odrive icon not showing in navigation pane

The odrive icon is not showing in the navigation pane on one of my devices (W10 laptop).

I’ve searched and saw another forum post which was relevant oDrive Not Showing in Navigation Pane [Windows Explorer]

I have checked and none of the four keys referenced appear in my registry file:





Is there an easy solution for this?

Hi @kieran.macgillicuddy

We can try a reinstall, if you like. That may be the easiest.

To do so, uninstall odrive through add/remove programs, as per usual. Then take a look at this post where there is a script to take care of the rest (will be part of our next release so the secondary script won’t be necessary):

After that reinstall and setup odrive and hopefully everything should be good.

Alternatively, we can try deauthorizing and reauthorizing odrive to fix this (see “Authorized User” in the odrive tray menu). When the odrive folder is created it will try to create this shortcut.

Can you try that and let me know if it fixes the issue? It is possible a system restart will be needed.