Odrive / Gdrive / Plex

Apologies if this has been asked before - although I could find a couple of threads mentioning Plex, I couldn’t find an exact answer.

I want to setup an automated process whereby items are downloaded (another story), sorted/renamed appropriately, then uploaded to Google Drive. I also want to run two instances of Plex Media Server. 1 held locally whereby anything that is downloaded is immediately available and 1 in the cloud (Plex Cloud) where eventually all files are held. So, in essence, there will always be a copy of the file available after it has initially downloaded, whether that be locally or cloud based.

My question is whether odrive can specifically watch two folders and only uploaded content from those folders to the corresponding folders in Google Drive. For example.

pc/user/downloads/movies -->> cloud/movies
pc/user/downloads/tv -->> cloud/tv

  1. Would that content be available to the local Plex server whilst it’s being uploaded? Or could I stipulate that those uploads only occur during the night.

  2. Would that content be deleted after successful upload - I don’t want a duplication of files.

I hope that all makes sense. Hopefully somebody can help answer that.

Hi @sihaworth,

You can target specific folders to sync to specific remote locations using the “sync to odrive” feature. https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-sync#section-sync-external-folders

This is a premium feature and part of the odrive premium subscription.

Yes. As soon as the files are noticed by odrive, they will begin uploading, but they will remain where they are, in the state they are in. I won’t ask about the “other story” ;). but, generally, the only consideration may be if there is any post-processing or renaming/moving after the files have started uploading via odrive. odrive will hold a file handle open and prevent modification to that file while it is uploading. If you are doing any sorting/renaming/processing, you will want to do it before you pop it into the final folder, where odrive will pick it up.

You can use unsync to turn the local file into a placeholder. Auto-unsync, specifically, can unsync content automatically, after it has been uploaded and not modified within the set time (shortest amount of time is 1 day). https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-disk-space#section-configure-auto-unsync

If you want more finer-grain control, you could script something using the CLI. I have a blog post that goes over the CLI and has some sample scripts that actually focus on unsync: https://medium.odrive.com/sync-client-magic-602d858731de