Odrive Folders Structure on My System Is Not the Same As on My Amazon Cloud Drive

Hello @Odrive,

I had moved all my folders in Odrive into just 8 folders, however, after syncing for a long time and after which it seems Odrive had finished syncing, my Amazon Cloud Drive is still showing 6 other folders which I had moved earlier into one of those 8 folders on my system.

In a nutshell, I expected my Amazon Cloud Drive to be showing just 8 folders (as on my computer) upon login but it is showing 14 folders.

Please, kindly help look into this.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
It may be possible that some of the moves were picked-up as add+delete rather than a move.

odrive has to try to optimize moves when it sees that a file or folder has disappeared from one area and been added to another area and sometimes it cannot make the connection for the move optimization. In that case it treats the move as a delete in one area and an add to another area.

Do you see those folders listed in the trash in the odrive menu?

Thanks a lot, Tony, for the great response.

YES! I saw the 6 folders listed in the trash in the Odrive menu.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,

Thanks for the follow-up! You should double-check that those 6 folders are also in the area you moved them too, as expected. Once you verify everything is where it ought to be you can then get rid of those one in the trash and they will be removed from the Amazon Drive listing.

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No problem @awoobforknowledge!