Odrive folder taking up space

I just wanted to check something before making any changes:

We have a server with odrive installed. There are folders:
for example.

These folders are synced to Google Drive using odrive.

Auto download is set to always.
Auto empty trash to immediately.
There are no download size restrictions on the folders.
The synced folders are set to include subfolders and apply to new files and folders.

The odrive folder is in the root of D:.

This has meant that everybody onsite can make changes and these are reflected on Google. When making changes on Google, everything is changed on the server.

All of this has been working perfectly but recently we have been running low on space on the D drive. When looking at the folders, the odrive folder in the D drive is quite large, around 175GB. I do not want anything in this folder and it is not used. Is there a way of safely clearing this folder out or getting the space down without it having any affect on the actual folders or Google?

Hi @wellington,
If you are only making use of the “sync to odrive” folders, then you can right-click->unsync the content in the default odrive folder . This will only clear the local space and not affect any remote data.

It seems odd that you have data in there if the default odrive folder is not being used. Do you know when it was originally synced? Maybe it was done during testing?

On another note, I am interested in your use case here. Can you provide some details about how you utilize odrive within your organization? I always like to learn more about cool solutions folks, such as yourself, have implemented using odrive.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the reply, we will be sure to do that.

It seems that most of the data was taken up by the ‘Shared with me’ folder, inside Google Drive folder. So - D:\odrive\Google Drive\Shared with Me

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